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Ammonite LED One Mini...

Ammonite LED One Mini Backup Torch reliability stems from its simple construction, materials used, build quality as well as the lack of electronics, unnecessary in this case.

Prijs € 82,64

Ammonite LED One UV-Light

Ammonite LED One UV-Light is a compact but powerful backup torch with an impressive 260 lumens and 7 hour burn time all powered with three AA batteries.

Prijs € 82,56

Ammonite LED Solaris...

Ammonite LED Solaris Umbilical System 1600lm (4 XPG2 LED's made by Cree), spot light beam providing the light distribution angle of 6 degrees is surrounded by a bright glow; the total light distrybution angle amounts 11 degrees

Prijs € 752,07

Ammonite LED Stingray Video...

Complete set, no additional parts needed – just add your camera on and go diving with this excellent video light set of 2 x 1000 lumens widely distributed light, for traveling divers.

Prijs € 309,92

Ammonite LED Two Duiklamp

De Led Two is het grote broertje van de Led One. De handlamp is bedoeld als compacte primaire lamp voor de recreatieve Nederland duiker of de vakantie duiker.

Prijs € 123,97