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Beuchat Focea Undervest...

Complements the one-piece with collar

> 2.5mm ultra flexible Elaskin neoprene for maximum comfort
> Interior entirely in Fireskin for maximum warmth
> Smooth outer neckpiece for a perfect seal with the collar of the one-piece
> 5mm hood with photoluminescent print markings and Air Escape System to
vent air bubbles that build up in the hood

Prijs € 75,21

Beuchat Top Tropik

Titanium open cell 0,5mm neoprene

> Can be worn alone or as an under garment
> 0.5mm neoprene top
> Jersey exterior
> Titanium open cell interior
> Neoprene neck with smooth interior and anatomical opening
> Elastic thumb and heel bands

Prijs € 57,02

Beuchat Undervest 2,5mm

Titanium open cell neoprene 

> 2.5mm flexible Titanium open cell neoprene for easier fitting
> Provides additional thermal protection under a suit
> Can also be worn alone

Prijs € 39,67