Green Force Video Kit
  • Green Force Video Kit
  • 2 x Green Force Hybrid 8 Squid 1850 Mounted
  • 2 x Green Force Hybrid 8 Squid 1850
  • 2 x Green Force Squid 1850
  • 2 x Green Force Hybrid 8
  • Green Force Charging Set Hybrid x 2
  • 2 x Green Force Neoprene Protection Sleeve
  • 2 x Green Force Squid Umbilical
  • Green Force Video Wing
  • 2 x Green Force Squid Tube
  • 2 x Green Force Video Arm
  • 2 x Green Force Bracket
  • Green Force Video Kit

Green Force Video Kit

Even more flexibility at an even sharper price! Green Force introduces the Video KIT. This KIT is composed of 2 Squid 1850 video light heads, 2 Hybrid 8 rechargeable battery packs and lots of other accessories. The Squid LED 1850 is a true performer. Each Squid light head has 3 'true color' LED's with an output of 1.850 lumen and a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of >80. In combination with its 4.000 Kelvin color temperature, this video lighting system proves an unprecedented spectacle of lifelike and true colors. The Squid LED 1850 has an extremely leveled beam of 120° without the presence of a hot spot.The Video KIT is modular, hence expandable with lots of other Green Force accessories to offer even more functionality.
This KIT includes:

• 2 x Squid 1850 light head (1.850 lumen)
• 2 x Squid tube
• 2 x Squid umbilical 0.5m
• 2 x Hybrid 8 cannister
10 NiMH cells - 12V - 2.2Ah
(2 x charging KIT included)
• 2 x Bracket
• 2 x Video arm
• 1 x Video wing


Green Force lighting systems can be build out according to the divers’ needs. As all the connections on battery packs and lightheads are identical (Green Force TOS connection*), all the components are interchangeable and one has the choice between 5 battery packs and 11 lightheads that are all compatible and modular.

To get you started, Green Force already made a selection of several battery packs and light heads which make excellent combinations and which can be considered as our 'best sellers'.

These combinations can be ordered in a KIT version and can of course be expanded with different Green Force accessories.

* The Green Force TOS connection allows a twist on/off control and eliminates the use of any switch which can be a potential failure point.


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