Beuchat Semi-Dry Sport 6,5mm semidroog duikpak
  • Beuchat Semi-Dry Sport 6,5mm semidroog duikpak

Beuchat Semi-Dry Sport 6,5mm


The new Beuchat Semi-dry sport, a semi-dry wetsuit designed to offer excellent technical quality at an attractive price.


Watertight suit designed for cold water diving
Hybrid semi-dry concept
Soft neoprene


  • Black colour, for a sober and technical look


  • High quality preformed anatomical cut
  • Preformed articulations for greater ease of movement.
  • Preformed for the curvature of the lower back and crotch for a snug anatomical fit


  • Separate hood (5mm) with Velcro grip at the base of the neck of the hood to maintain the
  • hood during the dive.
  • Hood holder
  • Air Escape System
  • Hood with printed photoluminescent trim for increased safety in low visibility conditions.
  • Anatomical collar at base of hood allows free movement of the head without letting in water.


  • Double thickness protective PU reinforcements at knees for longer life and more flexibility
  • Neoprene flap protecting the watertight zip.


  • Thinner face seal (-1 mm) with seamless zone around face for improved comfort, watertightness and durability
  • High Elaskin collar with smooth exterior for more comfort while dressing, turned down for better waterproofing.
  • Slim zipless wrist and ankle seals with Easy Wave System and smooth lining for better waterproofing
  • Bonding seam edges cut at 45° for greater elasticity and seam strength duringdressing.


  • Watertight flexible plastic TiZiP zip positioned edge-to-edge for easier dressing/undressing and more comfort during the dive.
  • Pull strap at each end of the watertight zip to simplify opening and closing.

End finishing:

  • Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge.

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