Green Force Diamond AA
  • Green Force Diamond AA

Green Force Diamond AA


The Diamond 600/AA is the larger version of the Diamond 600/18650. This compact backup torch measures 220mm. Powered by 3 Alkaline AA cells, it produces 600 lumen.

Technical information:
Type: LED - Voltage: 4,2V - Power/Output: 8 Watt/600 lumen
Dimensions: ø =40mm - L = 220mm
Color temperature: 4.500 Kelvin
9° with 65° corona FWHM

This light head is recommended for:.

Wreck diveNight diveCave diveAllround

FWHM is a mathematical parameter that describes the width of a ‘bump’ on a curve. It is given by the distance between points in the curve at which the function reaches half of its maximum value.

In goniometrical measurements of light beams we use this parameter to define the full angle of the beam. A lamp emits light energy in the shape of a cone. Usually the luminous intensity is the greatest at the center of the cone and it diminishes the closer it gets to the edge of the cone. The usable portion of the cone is defined at the point where the luminous intensity falls to 50% of the candlepower at the center (maximum).


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