Abyssnaut 100% Oxygen Silicone Grease ITN-25 8gr
  • Abyssnaut 100% Oxygen Silicone Grease ITN-25 8gr

Abyssnaut 100% Oxygen Silicone Grease ITN-25 8gr


This high performance grease, based on perfluorpolyether, has lubricating properties far above the average of conventional lubricants.

It is recommended for the lubrication of parts in contact with pure oxygen, or with sensitive gases (So2, So2, S2, No2, etc.).

It is the essential lubricant in caving diving, tek diving with oxygenated mixtures, or in aeronautics.

BAM approval - Air Liquide.


ITN 25 is a grease based on perfluorpolyether, high performance, for high temperature environments, specific to the lubrication of material in contact with pure oxygen (100% O 2 ) or oxygenated media.

It is an inert grease, special for high temperatures and aggressive environment in the presence of pure oxygen: seals, valves, fittings and any mechanism requiring lubrication and being in contact with pure oxygen or CO 2 , SO 2 gas , NO 2 , S 2 , H 2 S…

BAM 110 bar 60 ° C approved / Air Liquide


  • Resistant to solvents and acid vapors
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Extends lubrication intervals
  • Insoluble in acidic solvents and liquid oxygen
  • Economical to use
  • Meets German BAM standard: 110bars / 60 ° C
  • AIR LIQUIDE approval
  • White color
  • Density 20 ° C: 9
  • Temperatures: -30 to + 250 ° C (temporarily + 300 ° C)

Mode of application

  • The parts to be lubricated must be perfectly degreased and clean (we recommend pre-cleaning with our specific products for this purpose AUN Fd then ITN Clean )
  • Apply evenly in a thin layer


The products are available according to the packaging:

  • 8G tube
  • 10G jar
  • 20G jar
  • 100G jar
  • 500G jar
  • 1000G jar

Eco info

Water pollution category 1 (D): slightly polluting

identification of risks

Product not considered dangerous within the meaning of the regulations in force.

Classification according to regulation (EC) n ° 1272/2008 (CLP): refer to the SDS


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