Beuchat Baltik Dry
  • Beuchat Baltik Dry
  • Beuchat Baltik Dry
  • Beuchat Baltik Dry

Beuchat Baltik Dry


Trilaminate drysuit

> Watertight metal zip fastener in back

> Cone-shaped latex wrist seals

> Boots with non-slip soles and fi n strap stud

> SI-Tech arm dump valve (manual and automatic) and chest valve

> Internal elastic shoulder straps that can be adjusted and released

> Wide rubber knee reinforcement and PU bottom reinforcement

> Gusseted side pocket with Velcro closure

> 5mm hood with printed photoluminescent trim and Hood Holder

> Delivered with transport bag


ScubaLab 2013 Drysuit Review:

Beuchat Baltik Dry


• Constructed of trilaminated polyurethane with large rubber kneepads for lower leg protection.

• Adjustable warm collar with partial smoothskin-in for a water-blocking suit-to-hood seal.

• Vulcanized rubber boots team up with flexible neoprene uppers for nonrestrictive ankle movement.

• A cargo pocket on the right thigh is provided for carrying small items.

• The suit comes complete with adjustable suspenders and a hood.


Because the Baltik Dry was submitted in only one size, large, barely half of our test team got a chance to dive it, but 80 percent of those divers were able to achieve what they considered a “Good Fit.”

That said, when it came to the nuances of fit, this suit garnered the most nitpicks, from being a little too snug in the crotch to too narrow at the lower leg-to-ankle seam (creating a tight squeeze when inserting a foot into the boot) to the torso length being a little out of whack.

Still, the majority of testers liked this suit. It proved to be relatively comfortable, and it carried divers through the water without excessive hydrodrag.

The cone-shaped latex seals proved to be efficient, and the attached boots were comfortable and provided adequate support for the feet. However, the exhaust valve drew some grumbles as being either hard to reach or too difficult to vent air.

The cargo pocket was also dinged for having an insecure overflap. The strip of Velcro holding the pocket closed is small; on more than one occasion the pocket came open when divers went upside down, dumping the pocket’s contents.

On the upside, divers liked the suit’s rubberized kneepads which cover an ample amount of leg area. 


Not a lot of test divers got a chance to get this suit wet, so it didn’t earn that many votes on the test diver favorites list. But minor complaints aside, the testers who did dive it were satisfied, overall, with this suit.  


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