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Aquabond 2 Component...

AQUABOND Super High Strength Two Part Adhesive in a handy sized 250ml tin complete with a 10ml bottle of accelerator. Ideal for bonding most rubber, nylon & hypalon type fabrics and Wet and Dry Suit seals, inflatable boats, etc.

Price €21.40

AquaLube 50ml

Aqualube 50ml bottle of zip lube & protector with built in brush for easy application to zips of any type. Approved by all reputable zip manufacturers to prolong lifespan of zips used in & around the water.

Price €8.18

Aquasolve Thinners 125ml

Aquasolve Thinners 125ml tin of solvent cleaner suitable for cleaning suits & removing marks & excess adhesive. Also for removing grease & debris before a repair.

Price €12.31

Beaver Assassin Knife

Beaver Assassin Knife 12 cm blade with Teflon anti reflective black coating, manufactured from 420 stainless steel with added molybdenum, ensuring maximum levels of rust resistance.

Includes half serrated blade & line cutter, snap lock sheath & quick release heavy duty straps.

Price €45.41

Beaver Clip Ankle Weights

Heavy duty nylon ankle weights with fast and easy action side release buckle closing, allowing simple and efficient size adjustment and removal when required. Each side contains approximately 1 Kg of un-graphited lead shot. Ankle weights improve stability altering the weight centre. Conveniently supplied in pairs.

1 kg per stuk alleen per paar leverbaar!

Price €32.98

Beaver Clip Ankle Weights

Heavy duty nylon with quick and easy to use fully adjustable Side Release Buckle fastening, both sides contain approximately 0.6kg lead in the form of small ingots. Ankle weights improve stability during SCUBA diving by altering the weight centre, particularly when diving dressed in a dry suit. Supplied as a pair.

0,6 kg per stuk alleen per paar leverbaar!

Price €30.50

Beaver Discovery Knife

Beaver Discovery Knife stealthy Black coloured Knife with an 11cm blade in corrosion resistant 420 stainless steel chisel ended blade, serrated back & line cutter.

Snap lock sheath & heavy duty quick release adjustable straps are included. All the features necessary to the discerning diver. 

Price €41.28

Beaver Eclipse Knife

Beaver Eclipse Knife attractive small sized knife, features 7½ cm serrated blade in 420 stainless steel, with line cutter, sheath & 2 tie wraps that allow easy attachment to life jacket, B.C.D, etc.

Price €28.88

Beaver Marlin Knife

Beaver Marlin Knife 7cm straight blade in marine grade stainless steel with line cutter & serrated edge.

Supplied with an highly versatile protective nylon sheath, which allows positioning in a convenient location A discrete, lightweight and small sized tool useful at an excellent price

Price €20.62

Beaver Parachute Lifting...

Heavy duty poly-vinyl 22.7 kg capacity lifting bag with 3D design, providing great stability & efficient lift.

Featuring self sealing inflation diaphragm & automatic overpressure valve with manual exhaust pull cord.

Complete with durable webbing straps, marine grade attachment D-Ring & elastic cord allowing convenient compact storage.

Price €57.77

Beaver Parachute Lifting...

Beaver Lifting Bag 45.4kg 3D parachute design, combining maximum lift, minimal use of air & increased stability.

Heavy duty poly-vinyl fabric giving a 45.4 kg cargo capacity.

Integral automatic dump valve with manual pull cord, regulates the internal pressure ensuring a controlled & constant ascent & automatically purges as pressure increases.

Useful elastic cords allow the Lifting Bag to be neatly stored when not in use & heavy duty webbing straps, marine grade stainless steel D-Ring.

Price €70.17

Beaver Pro Pouch Belt

Heavy duty cordulon nylon & webbing with top Velcro closing for use with flexible lead shot pouches, allowing quick & easy buoyancy adjustment. Large Size with 5 Pockets to suit 34-46” (86-117cm) waist, holds up to 24kgs/53Lbs. of Lead Shot Pouches.

Weight Belt waist size:

Small: 66cm-97cm / max. capacity 14kg weight.

Medium: 76cm-107cm / max. capacity 18kg weight.

Large: 86cm-117cm / max. capacity 24kg weight.

Extra Large: 96cm-127cm / max. capacity 29kg weight.

Price €28.84

Beaver Scorpio Knife

Beaver Scorpio Knife attractive small sized knife, features 7½ cm serrated blade in 420 stainless steel, with chisel point, line cutter, webbing sheath & 2 tie wraps that allow easy attachment to life jacket, B.C.D. or other suitable equipment.

Price €28.88

Beaver Tech Weight Harness

Beavers' Tech Weight harness, the original and still the best by far.... 50mm wide fully adjustable heavy duty webbing & cordulon harness with 6 D-ring attachment points & quick release shoulder straps & weight system.

Price €57.77

Beaver Venture Fold-Up Knife

The Beaver Venture Fold-Up Knife is a must for all divers who find it essential to have a knife which is simple to access, easy to use and stored discretely.

The Venture is a folding knife which is perfect for storing conveniently inside a B.C.D. Pocket etc. and accessed quickly and easily when required.

Price €28.88