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Ursuit Buoyancy Vest AES 70N

Ursuit Buoyancy Vest AES 70N Together with the AES Buoyancy Vest a SOLAS immersion suit becomes an AES suit (Anti Exposure Suit).

Thanks to this there is no need to use a separate life jacket. The combination is in accordance with the SOLAS requirements (Directive for Marine Equipment 96/98/EC (MED)).

The vest is manufactured from a quilted fabric and it gives a good thermal insulation. The buoyancy panels are of an elastic and light closed cell foam, with openings.

These openings make the vest breathable and pleasant to wear.

Price €136.36

Ursuit Dry Bag 12 liter

This Ursuit Dry Bag 12 liter is suited for divers, paddlers, boaters, hikers and others. The transparent front makes it easy to see whats in the bag.

Price €18.97