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Oceanic Alpha 9

The Oceanic Alpha 9 second stage continues the simple design concept with a lightweight casing that houses an unbalanced downstream valve.

A large diameter diaphragm allows the Alpha 9 to deliver an excellent performance to value ratio with low breathing resistance.

The soft front cover acts as a full size purge button for easy clearing and the wide exhaust deflectors help to direct exhaled gas away from the face.

The Alpha 9 is fitted with our orthodontic mouthpiece with dual density bit tabs that are designed to accommodate the natural overbite of the human jaw.

Price €74.38

Oceanic Biolite BC

The Oceanic Biolite BC newest lightweight BC at just 2,5kilo! The new Oceanic Biolite BC looks to establish itself as a complete solution with the introduction of a new color design and streamlined, integrated weight system.

This is the ultimate travel BC with a perfect balance of features and benefits that makes diving a pure joy.

The Biolite keeps things simple with a clean, straightforward design that focuses on comfort and convenience. If your travel plans call for lightweight luggage, then the Biolite BC is definitely for you.

Price €321.49

Oceanic Caribe Snorkel Vest

Snorkeling vest with signal colour and oral inflation / deflation system.

  • Type: ADV

  • Construction: single bladder

  • Material: Nylon

  • Sizes: SM and L

  • Color: Orange

Price €33.06

Oceanic CDX-5 First Stage

The Oceanic CDX5 is environmentally sealed for extra cold water performance and reliability as well as contamination protection that might otherwise damage the internal parts.

Four low pressure and two high pressure ports are equally distributed on either side of the first stage at optimised angles for ideal hose routing.

  • Over-balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Environmental seal
  • Four low pressure ports
  • Two high pressure ports
Price €0.00