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Oksybio100-EcoSterix is ​​a high performance disinfectant product to spray on mouthpieces, regulators, snorkels, scuba or nautical diving equipment: direct application without rinsing. It is also very effective on neoprene, in storage cases ...
Easy to apply, it is a ready-to-use disinfectant, low foaming, more than 96% biodegradable.

Many professionals have so far selected it!

AFNOR standards

The OksyBio 100-EcoSterix, to be applied by spraying, passes the standard EN 14476 (Polio) in 10min: this Standard validates virucidia on CoronaVirus (Elements provided by the HCSP, High Council of Public Health: extract from Opinion 24- 04-15 page 13 below).

Environmental disinfection… guaranteeing virucidia. This can be obtained by any product validated by standard EN 14 476 (September 2013) according to the manufacturer's recommendations with the concentration and the contact time for efficacy against the polio virus which must be strictly observed. 

On shipments “outside France” the EcoSterix Expert reference will be delivered (strictly identical product).

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Mares Rash Guard Trilastic...

Ideal as undergarment or by itself for superior UV protection

• Cool lightweight material
• Flat seam construction for comfort
• UV protection 50+

Characterized by the Mares Trilastic look, the rash guard is built with a material that provides UV protection of 50+.

The seams, sewed with flatlock stitching, won’t leave marks on your skin. Perfect to wear underneath your suit and ideal for all kinds of watersports.

Price €20.62

Green Force Quadristar 1150

The Quadristar 1150 is equipped with 4 LED’s with independent circuit boards and has an output of 1.150 Lumen. As the power consumption is only 13 Watt, extensive burn times can be obtained without losing power. As all LED light heads, the Quadristar XPGH is extremely sturdy and nearly indestructible.

The Quadristar 1150 is equipped with Hybrid electronics which can reduce the output from 100% to 50% and which allow the light head to run on batteries ranging from 4 to 18 Volts.

Technical information:

Type: LED  Voltage: 4-18V Power/Output: 13 Watt/1.150 Lum
Dimensions: ø = 44mm - L = 86mm
Color temperature: 6.300 Kelvin - Beam: 10° or 40° (flood).

This light head is recommended for:.

Wreck diveNight diveCave diveTrue colorsMurky waterAllroundSpot light

Price €247.11