Abyssnaut Hublonet 50ml
  • Abyssnaut Hublonet 50ml

Abyssnaut Hublonet 50ml


HubloNet is the essential anti-fog treatment for your dives! Apply on your diving mask: finished, the dives in the fog.
Compact, economical, ecological, user-friendly and efficient, it will accompany you during your dives in the pool, at sea, and during your diving trips!


HubloNet: the highly effective and ecological Anti-fog mask for diving masks!

HubloNet is a high performance anti-fog product, preventing fogging in diving masks and glass surfaces.

Acts directly on the surface to be treated by reducing its surface tension, without leaving any residue or deposits.


  • Effective even in swimming pools
  • Economic
  • Leaves no residue or varnish on the glass surface - does not change colors
  • Easy to apply
  • Non-irritant (under normal conditions of use)
  • More than 96% biodegradable

Mode of application

  • Spray HubloNet on the surface to be treated
  • Spread evenly with your finger over the entire surface of the glass
  • Rinse or dry with a piece of cotton wool
  • Apply before each us

Eco info

Biodegradability greater than 95%.

Biodegradable product: under the action of living organisms external to its substance, it can be broken down into various elements, "devoid of any harmful effect on the natural environment".

Identification of risks

Product not considered dangerous within the meaning of the regulations in force.

Classification according to regulation (EC) n ° 1272/2008 (CLP): refer to the SDS


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