Green Force Cave Kit
  • Green Force Cave Kit
  • Monostar 1200 Flexi II Umbilical Torch
  • Monostar 1200
  • Flexi II
  • Hybrid Umbilical 90
  • Goodman Handle Aluminium
  • Helmet Mounting
  • Tank Connection
  • Green Force Charging Kit
  •  Green Force Soft Shell

Green Force Cave Kit

Even more flexibility at an even sharper price! Green Force introduces the Cave KIT. This KIT is composed of a battery pack, a light head, an umbilical, a tank connection, a Goodman handle and a helmet mounting. All components can be transformed into a high-end umbilical torch in the blink of an eye. On top of this, each KIT comes with a powerful 600 lumen Diamond backup torch. The Cave KIT is modular, hence expandable with lots of other Green Force accessories to offer even more functionality.
This KIT includes:
• Monostar 1200 light head (1.200 lumen)
• Flexi II battery pack
(charging KIT included)
• Hybrid umbilical (black)
• Helmet mounting
• Goodman handle (aluminium)
• Soft Shell Box
• Tank connection
• Diamond 600AA backup torch


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