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  • 437,19 €

    The Oceanic Jetpack is the ultimate solution for airline carry-on & transport to and from the dive site. It's a true hybrid, not a bag and more than just a mere BC. We took a long look at what it means to travel with Scuba gear to a destination and realized pretty quickly that it didn't make sense to take a BC, your heaviest and most bulky piece of...

    437,19 €
  • 189,26 €

    The Oceanic EX 100 Jacket BCD offers the comfort and durability of the higher priced BCD's at a great price! At a meager 3,15 kg it's great for dive travel as well as those quick trips to your local hot spot. The large Zipper pockets will hold all you need and the integrated weight system make the EX 100 BCD a great value! Made of No Fade 420 Nylon...

    189,26 €
  • 412,40 €

    The Oceanic Probe HLC is a tough and durable BCD that has been designed to provide a tech orientated style but in a traditional harness fit and buoyancy hybrid configuration that provides good horizontal trim which diving and a clear, heads up position on the surface.

    412,40 €
  • 355,37 €

    Just for the ladies; fit, comfort, a host of female-friendly features, and absolutely gorgeous styling. Maybe you’ve checked out women’s-specific BC’s before at your local shop but never really got what the hype was about. Sure they have different graphics and size ranges, but what is the real advantage of a women’s-specific BC? The Oceanic Hera is built...

    355,37 €
  • 321,49 €

    The Oceanic Biolite BC newest lightweight BC at just 2,5kilo! The new Oceanic Biolite BC looks to establish itself as a complete solution with the introduction of a new color design and streamlined, integrated weight system. This is the ultimate travel BC with a perfect balance of features and benefits that makes diving a pure joy. The Biolite keeps...

    321,49 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items