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Mares Dive Link 2 Interface

Mares Dive Link 2 this clip interface system allows you to download information about your dives to your computer and get software and firmware updates. 

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Mares Drak USB Interface

This ultra-compact interface with illuminated information provides immediate indications about its status. Manage dive data and complete your logbook!

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Mares Genius Dive Computer

The Genius - it's all in the name! A trimix and nitrox capable dive computer with over 1,000 hours logbook capacity, a clear, high-resolution color display, hoseless tank data integration, up to 40 hours dive time per charge and more!

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Mares Iris Interface Serial

Met het IRIS-infrarood interfacesysteem kunt u gegevens en logboeken via een Serieel aansluiting naar de pc verzenden.
Voor gebruik met Nemo Excel, M2 RGBM, MC2 RGBM (en M1 RGBM, M1, Airlab).

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Mares Led Tank Module

The Mares LED Tank Module transmits tank information to your computer, also with a colour-changing visual aid.

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Mares Matrix / Smart...

Protect the screen of your Mares Matrix / Smart / Smart Air Dive Computer from scratches, dirt and sand! 

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Mares Matrix Dive Computer

This impressive watch-style dive computer has much to offer: a high resolution display, tilt-compensated digital compass with bearing function, graphic profile during the dive, multigas algorithm and more, take a look!

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Mares Matrix Strap Extension

The MareS Matrix Strap Extension is an addition to your Mares Matrix dive computer strap for wearing over thick wet or drysuits.

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Mares Mission Puck 2 Dive...

The Puck computer capsule includes a compact, easy-to-read pressure gauge with a chrome-plated, brass body shaped for excellent ergonomics!

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Mares Mission Puck 3 Dive...

The intuitive Mares Mission Puck 3 Dive Computer Console is compact and versatile, including a compact, dedicated compass to meet all divers needs!

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Mares Puck Pro + Dive Computer

An evolution of the successful Puck Pro, the Puck Pro + is easy to read with an even more attractive, sleek design and perfect fit.

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Mares Quad Air Dive Computer

The innovative Quad Air dive computer is a step-up from the Quad, able to read the tank’s pressure, it receives data directly from the dive tank via a wireless transmitter. Also includes a magnificently clear display, three-row layout and four buttons for intuitive use!

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