Weight Belts

Weight Belts

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Beuchat Neoprene Harness

> Non-deformable Airprene 3mm neoprene harness with pockets and high drainage capacity
> Load capacity 7x1kg
> Load centered on the back. Adjustable harness

Price €51.24

Cressi Marseillas Elastic Belt

Cressi Marseillas Elastic Belt rubber weight belt with Marseillaise stainless steel buckle.Because it is made from a stretch material, the belt automatically tightens up during descent, when it generally loosens due to abdominal pressure and the reduction in the thickness of the wetsuit.

Price €28.10
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Cressi Weight Belt

Cressi Weight Belt strong woven nylon weight belt with stainless steel buckle. The quick-release stainless steel buckle provides instinctive and rapid emergency release. The buckle pin passes through, is very strong and is riveted at both ends. 

Price €17.36
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