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Simplifies swimming while transporting dive gear

> Two-compartment float with valves, made of double-envelope 500 denier material with PVC coating on both sides
> Centreboard under each float
> 500 denier fabric with PVC coating on both sides
> Red colour with 1.2m high safety flag
> Fasteners for 4 spearguns
> 22 fastening rings including 2 in stainless steel
> 2 tow and/or mooring rings
> Detachable 19 litre compartment with separate storage pouch on top
> Inflatable swim cushion
> 2 backpack style carry straps
> Dimensions: 68x116cm

Cressi Buoy Rope Folder

Cressi Buoy Rope Folder resistant, very light and very visible, the floating line winder is an essential accessory to adjust easily and quickly the amount of the floating line of the buoy that we need in each phase of the journey avoiding annoying and dangerous tangles.

Price €9.92
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Cressi Competition Float

Cressi Competition Float this spherical float is slightly flattened to offer less wind resistance and has a built-in inflatable flag. Made from PVC, it has a strong anchor point for attaching the line on the lower half.

Price €20.66
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Cressi Easy Buoy

Cressi Easy Buoy First-ever buoy to feature a built-in flag, it is fitted with a specially designed casing for the line that prevents the line from tangling up and makes it possible to adjust its length as a function of how deep you want to go.

Price €20.66
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Cressi Spyder Surface Board

Cressi Spyder Surface Board High-tech boei, met twee interne luchtkamers van sterk PVC. De boeien grond is wit, om de zichtbaarheid voor vissen te beperken. Kunststof D-ringen

Made In Italy

Price €56.20
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Cressi Swim Buoy

Cressi Swim Buoy with internal compartment watertight with water tightness system specially effective with rigid soul.

Price €33.88
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Cressi Tonda Buoy

Cressi Tonda Buoy conceived to serve as a sturdy, highly durable surface marker buoy, also for use when diving from the shore.

Price €40.50
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Cressi Torpedo Float

This Cressi Torpedo Float, with its elongated shape has been specifically designed to offer very little wind resistance. Made from strong heat-sealed PVC, it has two separate inner air chambers, one at the top and one at the bottom. 

Price €33.06
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Mares Torpedo Buoy

■ Low-drag topedo shape for easy towing
■ High visiblity orange colour
■ Two-chamber construction for safety and an upright position
■ 20m rope
■ Six universal adjustment connectors

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