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Cressi Aquapro BCD Jacket

Cressi Aquapro BCD JacketCressi Aquapro BCD this moderately priced BC offers exceptional value and a wide range of capabilities. The jacket-style air cell is stable in all diving conditions, especially at the surface.


Price €313.22
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Cressi Patrol BCD Jacket

The Cressi Patrol BCD is an impressively light weight, rear inflation BC that is anatomically designed for maximum comfort and durability. The special air cell compression strap guarantees extra quick deflation and volume control.

Price €288.43
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Cressi R1 BCD Jacket

Cressi R 1 rugged BCD with integrated movable weight pockets designed for divers who want a very complete yet light, hydrodynamic and affordable jacket. It is suitable for most recreational divers.

Price €304.96
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Cressi Scorpion BCD Jacket

The Scorpion Jacket is an impressively light high-buoyancy rear-mounted BC, anatomically designed for maximum comfort and wearability. Its main features are its detachable harness and air cell.

Price €371.07
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Cressi Solid Dive Center...

Good buoyancy, ideal for scuba diving schools and equipment rental centres. It features a coloured reinforcement band in the upper part of the back, at neck level, to enhance visibility in the water and protect the jacket from the abrasive action of the first stage.

Price €197.52
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Cressi Start BCD Jacket

Cressi Start BCD a new simple, durable and efficient jacket designed around the needs of dive centers and professional businesses which require an affordable, reliable, highly durable product.

Price €205.79
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Cressi Start Scuba Set

Cressi Start Scuba Set a complete Scuba Set including: Start B.C.D. - 1st Stage AC2 - 2nd Stage Compact - Octopus Compact - Pressure Gauge

Price €495.04
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Cressi Travelight Lady BCD...

Cressi Travelight Lady this jacket has been specifically designed for those who travel by plane as it is the result of painstaking research on the most suitable materials for reducing weight to a minimum.

Price €329.75
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