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Beuchat Marlin Gloves 3mm

Soft elaskin plus kevlar® 

> Ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene gloves with titanium open cell lining and double-sided wrist seal for easy fitting
> Kevlar protection on palm and inside fingers
> Design mimicks the ocean depths in coordination with the Marlin Prestige suits

Price €42.15

Beuchat Premium Gloves 4,5mm

With kevlar protection 

> Ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene, with jersey lining
> Kevlar protection on palm and inside the fingers
> Stretch gusset at wrist seal with Velcro fastener

Price €0.00

Beuchat Premium Semi-Dry...

For semi-dry with or without sleeves

> Ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene with jersey lining
> Double cuffs with jersey interior and smooth Titanium exterior
> Supratex protection on palm and inside the fingers

Price €35.54

Beuchat Standard Gloves

With anti-slip studs

Gloves with palm embossed with anti-slip polyurethane studs in flexible black neoprene, with jersey Titanium interior

Price €0.00

Beuchat Tropik Gloves 2,5mm

With amara inserts 

Gloves in 2.5mm black and grey neoprene, trimmed with AMARA synthetic leather inserts; attached reinforced Velcro flap for fastening and adjustment

Price €0.00