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Cressi High Stretch Gloves

Cressi High Stretch Gloves 5-finger gloves made from single-lined soft, high-stretch neoprene. The inside is covered in Metallite to make them easy to put on.

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Cressi Svalbard 6mm Gloves

Cressi Svalbard 6mm Gloves five fingered gloves in 6 mm thick neoprene, created for use in cold and freezing waters.  Entirely made from very supple Ultraspan material.

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Cressi Ultraspan Gloves 3.5mm

Cressi Ultraspan Gloves 3.5mm 5 finger neoprene gloves Ultraspan in addition to the already 'full range of gloves, Cressi want to combine the flexibility of these new materials come onto the market over the past years with the  wear resistance of previous models.

Price €40.50
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