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Cressi Calibro & Corsica...

Cressi Calibro Cressi’s next generation diving masks are all equipped with the IDF-INTEGRATED DUAL FRAME TECHNOLOGY which offers exceptional field of view, and the new Calibro is no exception.

Price €66.12
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Cressi Gara Professional LD...

The Cressi Gara Professional Set includes the highly popular Cressi Gara LD Fins along with the Cressi Matrix Mask and Cressi Corsica Snorkel all contained in a convenient Cressi Travel Gear Long Fin Set Bag.

Price €123.97
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Cressi Mini Palau Bag...

The NEW mini Palau set bag is perfect for kids who want to discover the underwater world. This snorkeling set is composed of quality products to ensure comfort and a long-lasting life. 

  • Open-heeled fins perfect for all water activities
  • Pull tab on back of strap for easy on/off
  • Single lens made of tempered glass 
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt ensures a perfect seal
  • Semi-dry snorkel top limits water entry

Price €57.85
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Cressi Perla Mare Snorkelset

The Cressi Perla Mare Snorkelset combo is suitable for enjoy free diving and scuba diving.
The Perla mask skirt is made out of 100% hypoallergenic soft silicone and the lenses are tempered glass and anti-fog. The mask has a smaller profile and a slight tilt making the mask sit closer to the face.

Price €32.23
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