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Cressi Core Vest 3mm

Cressi Core Vest 3mm neoprene two-line 3 mm undersuit vest with practical zip to facilitate donning. A perfect accessory to enhance thermal protection of your wet suit.

Price €64.46
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Cressi Shorty Zip Vest 3mm

Cressi Shorty Zip Vest 3mm neopreen met frontrits. Dun neopreen ondervest van 3mm, ideaal voor extra isolatie onder een normaal natpak, of als zeer dun duikpak in de tropen.

Price €61.98
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Cressi Termico Lady...

Cressi Termico Lady Swimsuit 2mm women´s all-in-one suit that is shaped like a one-piece swimsuit. The first suit that protects against the cold.

Price €76.03
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Cressi Termico Man 2mm Shorty

Cressi Termico Man 2mm sleeveless shorty for swimming, the pool, snorkeling, and water sports. 2 mm extra-flexible "Hi-Stretch" neoprene with advanced warmth protection.

Price €126.45
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