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Mares Ergo Splash

An anti-splash, semidry top with exhaust valve and an ergonomically oriented silicone mouthpiece make the Ergo Splash an intuitive and user friendly experience.

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Mares Pro Flex Snorkel

Perfect for snorkeling in comfort and with ease. Made from 2 materials, it is flexible without airflow interruptions. With an ergonomic design which is great for extended use.

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Mares Rebel Flex Snorkel

Mares' Rebel Flex has a corrugated silicone hose and mouthpiece for greater comfort. Equipped with an exhaust valve and offering unparalleled breathing comfort thanks to the large volume of the bottom housing!

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Mares Rover Pro

Easy and intuitive.

Our entry level.

A simple and reliable snorkel, everything you need and
nothing you don’t.

The snorkel keeper is integrated in the tube and the mouthpiece is mounted on a housing which integrates a purge valve.

Ideal for Dive Centers.

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Mares Snorkel @

The Snorkel @ is the perfect travel buddy - once rolled up around itself, it can be easily placed in its case, becoming a small “coil” that is ideal to take with you anywhere!

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