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Mares Combo Bavaria Snorkel...

As a diving and snorkelling set the "Bavarian mask Genuine Bayer trägt. With the Bavarian Diamond this set provides high-quality silicone mask set of the premium manufacturer Mares a head turner.

  • Masks high grade silicone body
  • EZ Adjust Straps on mask body
  • Splash-proof snorkel end fold-up, pivotable
  • Snorkel holder hose and mouthpiece made from silicone with exhale valve

Price €41.32
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Mares Combo Snorkel Set...

To mark Mares' 70 Year anniversary, they have produced a limited edition run of the X-Vision Liquid Skin with Chrome plated outer frame combined with a Special Edition Rebel Dry Snorkel

Price €103.31
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Mares Combo Tana Snorkelset

Mares Combo Tana Snorkelset an exclusive set designed for spearfishermen, freedivers and snorkelers looking for low profile masks. Combined with Mares' bi-material, flexible Dual snorkel.

Regular price €45.45 -€5.05 Price €40.40
  • -€5.05

Mares Combo Tropical...

The Mares Combo Tropical Snorkelset consists of the vibrant Tropical snorkeling mask in comfortable silicone with a great field of vision and matching flexible, open top snorkel.

Price €41.28
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Mares Combo Vento Snorkelset

Mares Combo Vento Snorkelset the Vento set includes a mono-lense silicone mask with a large field of vision combined with a purge snorkel with silicone mouthpiece.

Regular price €28.93 -€5.05 Price €23.88
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  • -€5.05

Mares Combo Wahoo Neon...

The classic X-Vision mask in its snorkeling version combined with the Bay semi-dry snorkel - a top combo for holiday snorkeling sessions!

Regular price €33.06 -€5.05 Price €28.01
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  • -€5.05

Mares Superchannel Snorkel Set

Mares Superchannel Snorkel Set includes Superchannel Flippers, Pure Vision Mask, Sailor Snorkel and Easy Handling Bag.

Regular price €82.64 -€20.05 Price €62.59
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  • -€20.05

Mares X-One Marea Snorkelset

The X-One Marea set combines the short X-One fin with the Marea mask and snorkel with semidry top and silicone mouthpiece- all in a travel bag, perfect to take on holiday!

Price €66.12
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