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Mares 2nd Skin Shorty Man

The 2nd Skin Shorty is a real second skin made with Metalite. This shorty is extremely water-resistant with a contemporary look. Used alone it's ideal for snorkeling!

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  • -€15.05

Mares Flexa Core Shorty Man

The Flexa Core is the 4mm shorty of the line, a very flexible element on which the new pocket can also be installed, and which can be worn by itself or on top of the Flexa wetsuits for greater protection.

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  • -€20.05

Mares Monosuit Pioneer 5mm Man

A revamped version of the original Pioneer wetsuit from Mares. The red, 5 mm version is dedicated to temperate waters and guarantees maximum comfort. A suit that is suitable for all!

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  • -€30.05

Mares Monosuit Pioneer 7mm Man

A revamped version of the original Pioneer wetsuit from Mares. The blue, 7mm version is dedicated to colder waters and guarantees maximum comfort , including an ankle zipper to facilitate donning.

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Mares Photosuit

Give more colors to your photos with this cool oversuit!

  • Ideal for photographers
  • To be worn over a wetsuit
  • 4 colors available
  • Strech Fit
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  • -€20.05

Mares Seal Skin Man Wetsuit...

The Mares Seal Skin Man Wetsuit 6mm is Mares' revolution in cold water suits! Made from 6mm ultrastretch neoprene, it offers increased thermal comfort thanks to s-seal technology!

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Mares Shorty Reef 2.5mm Man

This 2.5mm warm water shorty is cool, stylish, lightweight and excellent for warm water dives, long snorkeling sessions and various watersports.

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  • -€19.05

Mares Trilastic Steamer

Snorkeling without worries

• UV protection 50+
• Ultraelastic, fits all
• Stirrups equipped fro secure placement

Protects almost your entire body surface, be it from aggressive solar rays or from the occasional encounter with a jelly fish.

Ideal for long snorkelling sessions as well as first layer under a wetsuit, especially when renting the wetsuit.

* Size XXL for men and XL for woman are available in some countries.
Please check with your local Sales Rapresentative or Customer Service Department.

Price €74.34

Mares Trilastic Steamer Man

Perfect to wear under your wetsuit or alone snorkelling in warm waters. Also offers UPF 50+ protection.

  • Snorkelling without worries
  • Protects almost you entire body surface from solar rays or occasional sea encounters
  • Can be used as the perfect layer under a rental suit
  • Stirrups equipped for secure placement
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  • -€10.05

Mares Wetsuit Coral 0.5mm Man

Despite being only 0.5mm thick, the Coral has good heat retaining qualities thanks to the Metalite fabric used on its inside. Can be worn under other suits or on tropical dives!

Price €119.83

Mares Wetsuit Dual 5mm Man

The 5mm Dual wetsuit is easy to don and doff, with added thermal protection in the chest and back areas where it is needed the most.

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Mares Wetsuit Flexa 3.2.2

The updated Flexa family is made in ultrastretch material which guarantees convenience, easy donning and comfort. Added to this are several new functional features plus innovative accessories. The 3.2.2 wetsuit model is designed for warm waters and comes with white coloured panels to distinguish it.

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Mares Wetsuit Flexa 5.4.3.

The new Flexa family models are fortified by the positive characteristics that already made the previous line stand out plus prestigious refinements that will provide the best possible performance in any situation! The 5.4.3 model is designed specifically for temperate waters.

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Mares Wetsuit Flexa Therm Man

The Flexa Therm dive suit offers maximum thermal comfort and the perfect fit! Made from Ultrastretch neoprene with a waterproof zip, it offers excellent freedom of movement!

Price €412.40
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Mares Wetsuit Reef 3mm Man

The updated Reef wetsuit is cool, stretchy and ideal for temperate water! With a soft, stretchy rubber panel on the chest, it is ideal for multiple surface watersports.

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