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Cressi Competition Float

Cressi Competition Float this spherical float is slightly flattened to offer less wind resistance and has a built-in inflatable flag. Made from PVC, it has a strong anchor point for attaching the line on the lower half.

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Cressi Easy Buoy

Cressi Easy Buoy First-ever buoy to feature a built-in flag, it is fitted with a specially designed casing for the line that prevents the line from tangling up and makes it possible to adjust its length as a function of how deep you want to go.

Price €20.66
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Cressi Spyder Surface Board

Cressi Spyder Surface Board High-tech boei, met twee interne luchtkamers van sterk PVC. De boeien grond is wit, om de zichtbaarheid voor vissen te beperken. Kunststof D-ringen

Made In Italy

Price €56.20
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Cressi Swim Buoy

Cressi Swim Buoy with internal compartment watertight with water tightness system specially effective with rigid soul.

Price €33.88
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Cressi Tonda Buoy

Cressi Tonda Buoy conceived to serve as a sturdy, highly durable surface marker buoy, also for use when diving from the shore.

Price €40.50
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Cressi Torpedo Float

This Cressi Torpedo Float, with its elongated shape has been specifically designed to offer very little wind resistance. Made from strong heat-sealed PVC, it has two separate inner air chambers, one at the top and one at the bottom. 

Price €33.06
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Mares Bouy Diver Marker -...

■ 180 cm height
■ 5 cm/2” solas reflective tape
■ Extremely lightweight
■ “Diver Below” reflective writing
■ Integrated mesh pocket for spool
■ 20 m/66 ft spool included
■ Stainless steel D-ring
■ Double ender stainless steel carabiner
■ Oral inflate connector for LP BCD hose
■ Over pressure release valve
■ Velcro closure system

Regular price €66.12 -€10.05 Price €56.07
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Mares Buoy - Diver Alert...

■ 180cm tall and 15cm wide for high visibility
■ Solar reflective tape
■ Automatic seal system
■ Oral inflation connector for LP BCD hose
■ Pressure release valve
■ Dedicated pocket for light
■ Stainless steel dring

Regular price €59.50 -€12.05 Price €47.45
  • -€12.05

Mares Buoy Compact

The Compact buoy is a mesh nylon sack equipped with fastening carabiner containing the marker buoy, line and weight.

■ Orange diver marker buoy
■ 10m line
■ 300g - 2/3lbs shaped lead weight
■ Nylon sack with carabiner

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Mares Buoy Compact D

The Mares Buoy Compact D is a mesh nylon sack equipped with fastening carabiner containing the marker buoy, line and weight.

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Mares Safety Stop Marker Buoy

■ 3-5m safety/deco stop buoy
■ High visiblity orange colour
■ Large internal volume
■ HD construction and strong brass hook

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  • -€3.05