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Cressi Dry Gara Bag

Cressi Dry Gara Bag Comfortable watertight daypack made of black highly resistant PVC. It is the ideal bag for carrying your equipment in any challenging situation, even on a motorcycle.

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Cressi Spazio Bag

Classic Cressi bag, made for many years and constantly updated materials and in accessories to make it suitable for transportation of heavy diving equipment.

Bags 420DenierNylon Bags YKKzip

Price €80.99
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Cressi Swim Bag

Carry bag for swimming and pool accessories made from strong nylon.

It is easy to access the main upper opening because it zips open right around three sides and has a double slide zipper.

Price €26.45
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Mares Bag Cruise Classic

■ Handle and shoulder straps
■ External fin pocket with buckle
■ Zip pocket for personal belongings
■ Sturdy and lightweight
■ Reinforced bottom

Weight: 2 Kg

Dimensions: 76x29x36 cm

Volumen: 79 L

Regular price €53.72 -€10.05 Price €43.67
  • -€10.05

Mares Bag Cruise Diver

■ Adjustable shoulder strap
■ Dedicated pocket for computer and interface
■ Mobile phone pocket
■ Many places for electronic devices
■ Key holder
■ Card holder

Weight: 240 g

Dimensions: 19x14x7.6 cm

Volumen: 1 Liter

Material: 600*3000/PVC Polyester

Price €24.75

Mares Bag Cruise Pool

■ Extremely lightweight
■ External zip pocket
■ Reinforced bottom
■ Wide, long strap

Dimensions 69 x 26 x 29cm 

Volume 50 liter
Weight 0.7kg


Regular price €33.06 -€5.05 Price €28.01
  • -€5.05

Mares Bag Cruise Quick Pack

■ Can be folded into a small bag with handle
■ Water repellent coating
■ Internal pocket
■ Mesh cover with drawstring closure
■ Extremely lightweight

Weight: 820 g

Dimensions: 84.5x44x37 cm

Volume: 137 Liter

Regular price €66.12 -€10.05 Price €56.07
  • -€10.05

Mares Bag Cruise X-Strap

■ Easy to fold
■ Two large integrated pockets
■ Ultra-light buckles
■ Neoprene handles
■ Adjustable, padded and removable shoulder straps
■ Auto-blocking zip
■ Extremely lightweight

Weight: 1.2 Kg

Dimensions: 76×31×33 cm

Volumen: 76,5 L

Mares Bag Cruise X-Strap

Regular price €66.12 -€10.05 Price €56.07
  • -€10.05