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Seals Care


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Gear Aid by McNett Seal...

Protects and conditions dry suit seals, gaskets, O-rings and rubber products. Preserves and maintains latex and Neoprene seals while inhibiting oxidation and deterioration

Price €8.68

Gear Aid by McNett Talcum...

Talcum Power, formerly ProTalc, is a high quality talc helps preserve latex and rubber seals, eases entry into water sports suits and helps prevent chafing. Also used for dusting Aquasure repairs etc.

Price €8.18

Mares Minerale Talk 125gr

High-quality talcum to protect latex and rubber. Ideal for the maintenance of drysuits and wetsuits, it makes donning easier!

  • High quality talcum to protect latex and rubber parts
  • Ideal for maintenance and the care of drysuits and wetsuits
  • Makes donning suits easier
  • Prevents irritation
  • 125g
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McNett Talc Powder Bag

This is a semi permeable bag that allows you to powder up your drysuit neck and wrists with out powdering up everything else around you !! It keeps the mess to a minimum while allowing you ease to get into your seals.

Price €7.36