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Typhoon 100g Undersuit

Typhoon 100g Undersuit made from a Ree-Tec outer with a fibre pile inner, this is our most popular undersuit, the TOG rating of 3 means it is ideal for most UK diving situations.

Price €107.40

Typhoon Lightweight Undersuit

Typhoon Lightweight Undersuit made from a thermofibre fabric with a double action front zip for comfort. It has ankle and thumb loops to prevent the sleeves and legs riding up inside your drysuit.

Price €45.41

Typhoon Thermafleece Trousers

The Typhoon Thermafleece trouser provides a comfortable warm base layer, mid layer or thermal outer when worn on its own. Performance is delivered through a combination of Hi-Tec thermal fabrics and super stretch lycras.

Price €37.15

Typhoon XCU 200g Undersuit

Typhoon XCU 200g Undersuit Ideal for winter diving, extremely deep diving or extended duration diving. Made from a Ree-Tec outer and fibre pile inner with double fill, the suit has a TOG rating of 4.5.

Price €140.45